FORKLIGHT is a patented forklift safety system offering a new level of safety to pedestrians working with, or in the vicinity of all types of forklifts. The system allows instant awareness to pedestrians of approaching forklifts and clear position of the forks from a very wide angle of the machine


Patent coverage will be extended to Europe, USA, China, Japan Australia and Canada


FORKLIGHT is a low cost simple integration into any new or existing forklift ultilising industry standard LED technology powered from the forklift or a rechargeable battery pack allowing simple aftermarket application


The system was shown to Blue Chip Manufacturer operating the highest Health and Safety standards and their Safety Officer stated


“It was advancement in forklift safety for both operational staff and forklift operators, the system catches your attention instantly and is clearly visible in both the bright lit production and dim lit warehousing areas”





FORKLIGHT has a unique feature where the flashing warning system automatically changes when it has detected the carriage has been lifted / mast tilted in preparation of picking up or loading a pallet, providing a focused work light for the operator and increasing overall production. The system automatically returns to warning mode when it detects the machine is moving




One Simple Product ….Two Major Advantages